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Prescription Assistance Program

You, like most people, are probably not aware of the variety of Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) available out there. Our PAP is the most comprehensive platform available in the US. Not only is it designed to save you thousands of dollars, it will instantly tell you within the website or app if the Program is available for that drug.

  • For those that need assistance, we can help get those expensive drugs for as low as $25.00 per month, depending on the medication.
  • We handle the entire process – paperwork, prescription, and ongoing support.

Here is just one example: Humira® costs a lot (a whole lot!), but if you qualify for our PAP, we can offer the medication for just $250 per month!

It’s really very simple: If a medication qualifies, click “Request Assistance” then fill out and submit the short form and a Customer Care Specialist will contact you within 48 hours.

This benefit is available only to RX VALET members and their immediate family. You MUST be logged into your RX VALET account to see if a drug qualifies. You have nothing to lose. There are no obligations, and the consultation is free.

Request Assistance
Prescription Assistance Program
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