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Who We Are

Rx Valet was created to offer a new level of service by assisting members to navigate the challenges of rising prescription drug costs. As consumers we are constantly being bombarded with loss leaders, low cost promises on one medication, just to be overcharged on another. Insurance plans have recently re-structured co-payments and tiered prescriptions levels that are unfavorable to consumers. We shop and compare all national retailers and on line services to find you the lowest price options, and let you decide. Have every prescription sent directly to us and rest assured to have the lowest price option.

Our Mission

Rx Valet is a complete one-stop-shop solution to paying less for high-cost prescription medications! Our mission is to provide consumers a comprehensive solution, to make prescription medications available at lower prices to everyone, everywhere!

Rx Valet is committed to ensuring that no one goes without the medications they need as prescribed by their physician. Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all, Rx Valet gives members the tools to purchase their medications online and pick them up at one of over 70,000 retail pharmacies nationwide or choose home delivery which includes FREE standard shipping.

We are the first company to provide a compressive solution to high-cost prescription medications with the practical comfort of a concierge service! Our live customer care specialists are here to help!

Rx Valet firmly believes that lower drug prices BENEFIT everyone. That is because, lower drug prices can put an end to skipping doses or stopping medication altogether. Better medicine routines mean healthier lifestyles.

At Rx Valet, we offer price transparency to everyone. Many of the drugs that people need every day have unacceptably high prices. And yet, despite the general outrage at the problem, no one seems to know how much the drug actually costs – or how much it should cost. Our product price is available to all. You choose which option is right for you. No Gimmicks. No surprises. Just real discounts seen in real-time.

Whether you shop any retail pharmacy or give the nod to home delivery, our complete One-Stop-Shop solution has been developed to help YOU Feel Better™.

How Rx Valet Works


Search for your medication

Using Rx Valet is Simple and Easy. After receiving a prescription or trying to refill an old one, simply search for your medication in our App or on our web page. After finding the correct drug, simply provide dosage and quantity. We will instantly tell you how much the drug will cost. Plus, we will give you an option to go to a retail pharmacy and pick up your medication or we can have it sent to you through our Home Delivery Program with FREE standard shipping included. In most cases, you will get the best savings on 90-day supplies of generic drugs when utilizing our Home Delivery Program.


Pay for medication with a credit card

After selecting your medication for purchase you will be prompted to make a payment. Please provide a credit card for easy payment. If you don't pick up your medication you will be able to request a refund. Guaranteed! No risk with Rx Valet all purchases are Refundable if the medication is not picked up or delivered.


Take your Rx Valet card to your pharmacy

If you selected to pick up your medication at the pharmacy of your choice, (over 60.000 accept the Rx Valet Card) your Rx Valet Card will become active. When you click on My Rx Valet Card on the app or in our website you will see your Rx Valet Card. We can also, email or text you your card as well. Present the Rx Valet Card along with your active prescription to your pharmacy. They will process the Rx Valet Card as you would your insurance card. They will use the BIN. PCN and Member number to fulfill your prescription. You will owe nothing ($o) at the Pharmacy. No Co Pay or deductible.

Please Note: If you choose our Rx Discount Card option, payment must be made at the retail pharmacy. Rx Discount Card prices are not guaranteed.

Save more through home delivery

If you utilize our Home Delivery Program ,you will be prompted to provide more information about your prescription and physician. Our pharmacy will contact your current pharmacy or physician to obtain the prescription information. You will be notified as soon as we obtain the prescription and fulfill your order. It usually takes no more than two days.

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